Fruit grower turned liquid nutrient fertiliser “chef”

Ricky and Annette Kemble – Kemgro Owner Operators.

Kemgro Crop Solutions Bowa 20 Litre product, to assist organic fertilizer, with 20th Anniversary badge for About page.

Our 1st product – No. 1 seller

Kemgro – our story

Kemgro Crop Solutions manufacture and distribute high quality nutrient liquid fertilisers, organic fertiliser, chelated trace elements, organic bio-stimulants and surfactants to farmers and growers all across Australia. We manufacture fertilisers from traditional to organic to grow healthy crops and soil for the future. Farmers and growers of fruit, vegetables, citrus and grapes use our products because we provide them with high quality, innovative and cost effective nutrient fertilisers.

Waikerie, on the mighty Murray River, is our home. So, it’s safe to say we love our region and it’s wide open spaces as we have been here for almost 50 years.

Our journey started back in the early 1980’s, where at 18 years of age, Rick Kemble purchased his first fruit block where he started growing apricots, oranges and grapes. Fast forward to 1996 and our family registered our first product, Bowa Spray Activator Surfactant, and the rest is history.

Today, Kemgro Crop Solutions is focused on producing high quality and tailored nutrient fertiliser solutions. Our prescription blends allows us to customise your specific fertiliser blend to meet your individual soil and cropping needs, saving you time and money to help your become more efficient and profitable.

Why? Because we need to. The world needs to. Now is a critical time. The world’s population will grow to over 8.5 billion by 2030, and climate change is a very real concern, so sustainable farming and productive growing methods have never been more important.

At Kemgro Crop Solutions, we will continue to work with farmers and growers to deliver nutritious, innovative nutrients and organic fertiliser for their soil and crops to ensure a sustainable future. All of our products are manufactured here in the Riverland region, so you know our nutrient solutions are ideally suited for crops, garden plants and lawns growing in Australia’s unique climate.

Our commitment is to you and your future

  • Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated

  • High quality, consistent, cost effective solutions

  • Dedicated to sustainability for future generations

  • Trusted, reliable professional service

  • Our commitment is to you and your future

Who is Kemgro

To provide high quality and tailored fertiliser solutions to meet your individual soil and cropping needs.

The future of our region, it’s soils and our community rely on our ability to embrace sustainable growing practices that allow us to maintain yields. At Kemgro Crop Solutions we believe that by providing nutrient rich fertiliser solutions we can build a sustainable future for growing communities and the environment.

To provide you a consistent and professional service coupled with a quality, reliable and cost effective fertiliser nutrient solutions.

All Kemgro products are manufactured in Waikerie, South Australia and are distributed to farmers and growers all across Australia.

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