Fertiliser Range

Kemgro Crop Solutions manufacture and distribute high quality nutrient liquid fertilisers, chelated trace elements, organic certified bio-stimulants and surfactants to farmers and growers all across Australia. We manufacture fertilisers from traditional to organic to grow healthy crops and soil for the future. Farmers and growers of fruit, vegetables, citrus and grapes use our products because we provide them with high quality, innovative and cost effective nutrient fertilisers.  READ MORE

Broadacre range is designed specially for crops such as wheat, canola, legumes and pastures. Essential minerals such as zinc and NPK are included along with seaweed and kelp for optimum plant health. Customisable seed dressing are available upon request.

Organic certified bio-stimulant range is all about giving your plant all the goodness that nature intended. Plants need bio-stimulants to activate microbes in the soil along with fish, seaweed, kelp, fulvic acid, humic acid and molasses for many other benefits for plant health.

Surfactant range is biodegradable, organic and non-ionic and improves spray effectiveness with smart distribution, uptake and penetration. It’s designed for use with herbicides, insecticides and foliar fertiliser.

NPK Premium Crop Specific range is designed for individual crops such as citrus, grapes, vegetables and lawns with added bio-stimulants including seaweed, kelp, fish, fulvic acid, humic acid and molasses. Achieve soil and plant health with essential nutrients of NPK, trace elements and bio-stimulants.

Chelated trace element range are your essential nutrients such as manganese, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, zinc, boron, copper and calcium chelated with a natural agent lingnosulphonate to enhance the availability & uptake of nutrients.

Prescription Blends allows us to customise your specific fertiliser blend to meet your individual soil and cropping needs, saving you time and money to help your become more efficient and profitable.

Cleaner range is a powerful multi-purpose cleanser that freshens and sanitises hard surfaces, including Australian Eucalyptus oil. It’s environmentally biodegradable and safe for the environment.

We’ll continue to work with farmers and growers to deliver nutritious, innovative nutrients for their crops. All of our products are manufactured here, in Waikerie South Australia so you know our solutions are ideally suited for crops, garden plants and lawns growing in Australia’s unique climate.