The benefits of the best fertiliser; worm juice!

Worm juice is exactly what it sounds like: the liquid collected from a worm farm. It’s organic, natural and one of the most effective fertilisers for your garden or growing crops of all types.

It’s earned the title of ‘liquid gold’ for good reason. The juice is a natural ‘medicine’, providing billions of great microbes such as fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria for your plants and vegetables.

Over 60 nutrients and minerals provide many of the requirements of your plants, and they’re found in worm juice. The enzyme in the worm’s digestive system allows the nutrients and trace elements to be water soluble – ready for plants to use.

When you think about it, worm juice embodies the cycle of life. They’re fed and all those nutrients go into your soil, which are then drawn out in liquid form.

Kemgro’s Worm Juice Plus. 

Kemgro has created a unique solution based on this process. We sell an organic Worm Juice Plus product, packed full of good stuff as well as worm juice including seaweed, fish plus fulvic and humic acid. Available in 20L, 200L & 1,000L, we price the solution from $1.60 per litre.

Here are a few of the benefits of Kemgro Worm Juice Plus:

  • Provides millions of beneficial bacteria
  • Enhances plants’ natural defence systems
  • Improves soil water retention & up take of nutrients
  • Stimulates root growth and soil health
  • Breaks down organic matter faster & deactivates toxins.

At Kemgro, we stand by our promise – providing you with quality, innovative and cost effective products. Supplying the industry since 1996, our loyal and satisfied customers are a testament to our steadfast vision;

Our commitment is to you, your land and your future. 

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