Zinc deficiencies in citrus

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Zinc deficiencies in citrus All living things suffer from deficiencies. Plants, for example, can suffer from a lack of exposure to sun, water, or nutrients. One of those important strength-boosting nutrients is the macronutrient, zinc. Zinc for citrus is like proteins for us, humans. It makes us strong and gives us energy. Zinc deficiencies in citrus [...]

Citrus growing in the Riverland

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The Riverland region of South Australia is the third largest growing region in Australia, according to Citrus Australia. With 6,300 hectares in total, we have the capacity and climate to grow all types of varieties – including Navals, Valencia oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, tangelo and lime. Citrus Growing in the Riverland is what makes the the [...]

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