Liquid Fertilisers to Grow Healthy Plants

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Plants require considerable amounts of nutrients for growth and development. Plants obtain the necessary nutrients needed from the soil and the atmosphere. The soil is the principal source of minerals such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium while gaseous elements such as Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen are sourced from the atmosphere. However, the soil in some conditions [...]

Fruit grower turned liquid nutrient fertiliser Chef

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Fruit grower turned liquid nutrient fertiliser Chef Coming from a fruit growing background, we know the challenges that our customers face. For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing fruit growing solutions in our region, the Riverland.   Our journey started back in the early 1980’s. At 18 years of age, Rick Kemble purchased his first [...]

Why do I need a chelating agent?

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Why do I need a chelating agent? Chelation, a natural process, is needed to stop absorbed nutrients to precipitate. This occurs as the nutrients interact. For example, iron forming precipitation with phosphorus, upon entering plant cells cationic nutrients will immediately form chelates with organic acids. The process encourages the nutrients to move liberally inside the plants. [...]

Liebig’s Law of Minimum 

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Liebig's Law of Minimum by Kemgro Crop Solutions When it comes to agricultural science, there’s one law that champions them all: Liebig’s Law of Minimum. Pioneered by Carl Sprengel back in the 1820’s and later made popular by Justus von Liebig, the concept follows the belief that yield is proportional to the amount of the most [...]

Why potassium is used in healthy crops?

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Why Potassium is used in healthy crops Potassium helps plants grow tall. It’s another important nutrient, alongside nitrogen and phosphorus. Much of this macronutrient is absorbed from the root zone in the production of most agronomic crops. Potassium’s strength lies in its ability to open and close the stomata, which regulates CO2 uptake. As a result, [...]

Why phosphorus is important for crops

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Why Phosphorus is important for crops Phosphorus is a key ingredient for healthy plants and crops. Its power lies in the ability to transfer nutrients into usable building blocks. For cells to divide and the growth of new tissue, phosphorus is needed. It moves energy from one source to another, aids in the synthesis of nucleic [...]

Nitrogen for crops is an essential nutrient

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Nitrogen is important for plant growth. Being a component of chlorophyll, it’s vital for photosynthesis. One of the main elements of plants and animal proteins is nitrogen – which encourages fast growth. The concentration of nitrogen is higher, compared to other nutrients. Nitrogen for crops is an essential nutrient for strong healthy growth.   Plants need [...]

Climate change and the impact on farming

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Climate Change and the impact on farming is massive Climate change affects everything. From the land to the animals, all the way through to us humans, it’s the biggest issue we face today. We need to work together to become part of the solution. A recent study led by Garnaut Review uncovered what we all know [...]

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