Zinc deficiencies in citrus

All living things suffer from deficiencies. Plants, for example, can suffer from a lack of exposure to sun, water, or nutrients. One of those important strength-boosting nutrients is the macronutrient, zinc.

Zinc for citrus is like proteins for us, humans. It makes us strong and gives us energy. Zinc deficiencies in citrus is obvious. You can literally see it, the chlorotic leaf spots and white areas with green veins. Growth is stunted in new leaves and the twigs are shorter.

Sandy soils often suffer from low levels of zinc and when pH or moisture is higher than normal. Citrus macronutrient deficiencies, such as Zinc, often occur on shallow soils. We should pay extra attention to mineral nutrition in citrus crops because it’s link to the quality of fruit we produce.

Let’s first understand the importance of zinc in citrus and what our options are if we notice a deficiency.


The role of zinc in citrus production

Zinc is critical to enzymes and is central to the production of growth regulators that encourage internode elongation and chloroplast. A lack of zinc can result in stunted growth and reduce the fruit number and size. Essentially, you’ll get less growth and what does grow will be smaller.

There are products available to help increase zinc levels in your citrus. Our Chelated Zinc, for example, is designed for farming in Australia. Zinc deficiencies will affect the speed and growth of the plant and overall health of the crop. Naturally chelated with lignosulfonates for maximum nutrient uptake, this solution corrects and prevents zinc deficiencies. Your citrus will thank you with this maximum uptake of nutrients coming their way. Choose between the foliar spray or fertigation for an easy application.

We create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. Add seaweed fertiliser into the mix if you want to improve the quality of everything you’re growing.

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