The Nhill Show is one of Victoria’s regional legacies. Having just celebrated their 132nd show, Nhill continues to bring together the community and share some of Australia’s best products. Kemgro at the Nhill show this year was well supported.

Kemgro at the Nhill show was well supported

Nhill is a small town in the Wimmera, in western Victoria. It’s located half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. In 2011, Nhill was home to 2,278 people. It’s held every year, and it includes rides, farm animals, rural Australian farm machinery, horse riding show, art and cooking competitions, and more.


Organisers do the Nhill Show well by blending entertainment and education –with show rides for the whole family and a blend of Australian companies on show.


Kemgro at the Nhill show was there to showcase our products at the latest show, on October 13th. Lucky the weather held out and we were welcomed with beautiful, sunny skies.


As it was also a trade show for farmers, we had the chance to speak to them about their needs and our products. Some of our products were great hits, including the Kemgro chelated Zinc, Bowa and 4 Seasons.


Bowa, for example, is a spray activator surfactant. It’s non-ionic, biodegradable, and ideal for use with herbicides, insecticides, and foliar fertilisers. It works to assist in spray drift control and rain fastness.


And then there’s 4 Seasons – a broadacre liquid foliar fertiliser. Farmers love it because it works to stimulate root growth and soil health, as well as increase resistance to frost and drought. It’s cost effective and easy to apply.


If you’re a farmer or you’d like to learn more about our products, contact us.


We create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. Add seaweed fertiliser into the mix if you want to improve the quality of everything you’re growing.


Working together to let life, as we know it, live on.