South Australia is famous for it’s delicious drop. But there’s one region that has wine lovers consuming bottles, instead of glasses – the Riverland. Wine Growing in the Riverland has the perfect conditions to make the perfect drop.


The Riverland is the largest wine-producing region in Australia. And there’s no wonder why with the 20,600 hectares of vines, 1,000 wine grape growers, and year-round warm climate. Our region extends 330km along the Murrary River, from Paringa to Blanchtown.


Here are some interesting facts taken last year:


  • 454,202 tonnes of grapes were crushed with Riverland growers producing 364,326 tonnes (80%) of the region’s crush
  • The Riverland supplied 63.4% of the state’s annual crush 
  • 27.2% of the nation’s crush was produced in the Riverland
  • The estimated value of the total Riverland crush was $129,738,081. $103,200,853 (80%) was purchased from independent growers
  • The average vineyard income per hectare was $5,005.


So, as you can see, wine is big in our big country region and wine growing in the Riverland


Wine Growing In the Riverland with Kemgro Grapes


Based in the Riverland ourselves, we understand the opportunities and limitations of the region. And we’ve created a product as a result – Kemgro Grapes is suitable for Wine growing in the Riverland.


Especially formulated for grape crops, ‘Grapes’s is a premium liquid NPK blend of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, plus organic bio-stimulants, such as:


  • Seaweed to activate plant hormones for strong roots
  • Humic acids to assist with water holding capacity & increase carbon in soil
  • Fish, molasses , fulvic acid, and chelated trace elements, increasing sugar levels, and to activate nutrient uptake.


‘Grapes’ can be easily sprayed or distributed through a fertigation system. Choose from 200 or 1,000 litres. If you’re a wine grower or you’d like to learn more about our products, contact us.


We create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. Add seaweed fertiliser into the mix if you want to improve the quality of everything you’re growing.

Working together to let life, as we know it, live on.