Why liquid fertilisers are better than powders

The right fertiliser can make a big difference to your crop health. There are several different types of fertilisers on the market such as liquid-based and powder fertilisers. Choosing the best type for you requires some thought, especially around usage, practicality, and convenience. This will help you find the most suitable form for your needs to save money over the long term.

Liquid fertilisers are easy to apply, can be formulated to your requirements, and is designed to save money on labour. You don’t need to mix powders or lift bags. The liquid form hooks straight up to your fertigation system. The plant also absorbs the liquid better.


‘Feed’ your plants with nourishing, easy-to-apply liquid fertiliser   

Our Prescription blend is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a premium quality nutrient that’s formulated on your request. It’s 100% customised to meet your soil or crop needs. This is why we can say it’s the best solution on the market. Another big plus is its ability to include bio-stimulants to boost your soil and microbes – as well as chelate the mixture to enhance the availability and uptake of the nutrient.

Tailoring liquid fertilisers is an efficient and easy way to apply your fertiliser, saving you both time and money. Taking care of your soil and crops is an ongoing commitment. Convenience is important, which is why many people choose liquid vs. powders. The fertiliser can be distributed evenly, without breaking a sweat. You get increased control over dosage and how often the plants are being fed.

The Kemgro Prescription can be applied as a foliar spay or through a fertigation system. Filtered to 100 microns for easy application. Follow the directions of use and crop safety tips, as per the label.

At Kemgro, we stand by our promise, which is to provide you with quality, innovative & cost effective products. Supplying the industry since 1996, our loyal and satisfied customers are a testament to this promise.

Our commitment is to you and your future.