Why do I need a chelating agent?

Chelation, a natural process, is needed to stop absorbed nutrients to precipitate. This occurs as the nutrients interact. For example, iron forming precipitation with phosphorus, upon entering plant cells cationic nutrients will immediately form chelates with organic acids. The process encourages the nutrients to move liberally inside the plants.

In its simplest form, chelation boosts nutrient availability. So, how can we make sure plants go through the chelation process? Through organic substances that are natural chelating agents. It’s kind of like vitamins for us.


Enhance nutrient uptake. Nourish your plants. 

The chelating agent bends around the nutrient to hold on tightly and protect it from any other element. As the essential nutrients become water soluble, more of the trace elements are absorbed. The result? 100% efficient nutrients and high-performing crops.

At Kemgro, we use the all-natural agent, lignosulphonate, a by-product from the production of wood pulp. Easily absorbed by the plant, ‘lingin’s’ reduce nutrient overload. It has natural wetting and dispersing properties along with rainfast abilities.

Our chelate range includes Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Molybdenun, Boron, and Calcium. We also have a multi-chelate range, including Zinc-Manganese and Zinc-MG-MN. They’re available in 20, 200 or 1000 litres and can be applied as either a foliar spray or through a fertilisation system. For more information on any of these products, please get in touch with us. We’ll find the perfect blend for your crop needs.

Invest in a chelating agent to increase the availability of nutrients and prevent mineral nutrients from forming insoluble precipitates. It also increases the movement of plant nutrients and suppresses the growth of plant pathogens.

At Kemgro, we stand by our promise, which is to provide you with quality, innovative & cost effective products. Supplying the industry since 1996, our loyal and satisfied customers are a testament to this promise.

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