Growing crops with liquid seaweed kelp fertiliser

Producing awesome, season-winning crops isn’t easy. You can’t just plant and forget them. Crops need to be nurtured, and fed full of all the good stuff. Just like we need nutrients, your crops do, too.

Liquid seaweed fertiliser is an effective way to nourish your crops. And it’s different from your run-of-the-mill fertilisers. In liquid form, the plant will uptake quicker and seaweed has all the goodness, such as minerals, vitamins, and enzymes including plant growth hormones that are important for growth. Soil health improves along with stimulated root growth, without healthy roots plants will not be strong.

This unique fertiliser is your crop’s best friend. It’s not only organic, but it comes from a sustainable source, kelp – a variety of seaweed.

Trace elements found in seaweed organic fertilisers include magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and many more, which plants love.

Tap into nutrients that fuel crop growth

Get healthier and stronger crops by simply giving it the right ‘food.’ With liquid seaweed fertilisers, you’ll see a boost in nutrients from the soil, increased resistance to frost, stress, disease and pests, and most importantly, greater yields. So there are many reasons why growing crops with liquid seaweed kelp fertiliser is the way to go.

You can get your liquid Seaweed fertiliser in two forms, Seaweed Duo and Fish + Seaweed Duo.

Seaweed Duo is a concentrated blend of Australian Bull Kelp and Ocean Algae. It acts as a bio-stimulant, absorbing into the roots and leaves for more resilient crops.

And for all that and more, choose the Fish + Seaweed Duo. This fertiliser includes Australian Fish, a natural source of nitrogen, along with other major, minor, trace elements and plant growth hormones for optimum plant health.

If you need help deciding which one’s best for your crops, we’re happy to help advise you.

At Kemgro, we create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. Add seaweed fertiliser into the mix if you want to improve the quality of everything you’re growing.

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