Fruit grower turned liquid nutrient fertiliser Chef

Coming from a fruit growing background, we know the challenges that our customers face. For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing fruit growing solutions in our region, the Riverland.


Our journey started back in the early 1980’s. At 18 years of age, Rick Kemble purchased his first fruit block where he started growing apricots, oranges and grapes. Fast forward to 1996 and our family registered our first product, Bowa Spray Activator Surfactant.


As time went on, our vision started to change. While we love growing, we decided it was time to create products that helped farmers all over Australia and not just ourselves. So, began our manufacturing high-quality nutrient liquid fertilisers, chelated trace elements, organic bio-stimulants and surfactants to farmers and growers.


Our products make it easy to grow healthy crops while caring for soil, into the future. The result is more and more farmers and growers of fruit, vegetables, citrus and grapes using Kemgro for its innovative ingredients and cost effectiveness.


Growers can customise specific fertiliser blend to meet individual soil and cropping needs which saves time and money. Our products help your crops become more efficient and profitable – something that’s front of mind of every farmer and grower.


Sustainable farming and productive growing methods has never been such a critical issue with climate change is a pressing concern and the world’s hungry population predicted to hit over eight billion by 2020.


At Kemgro, we provide the solutions. Every product is manufactured here in the Riverland region, so you know our nutrient solutions are ideally suited for crops, garden plants and lawns growing in Australia’s unique climate.


What’s more, we stand by our Kemgro promise: To provide you with quality, innovative & cost effective products. This is our commitment is to you and your future.  


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