Why Phosphorus is important for crops

Phosphorus is a key ingredient for healthy plants and crops. Its power lies in the ability to transfer nutrients into usable building blocks. For cells to divide and the growth of new tissue, phosphorus is needed.

It moves energy from one source to another, aids in the synthesis of nucleic acids and membranes, photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen fixation, and enzyme regulation. Crops with adequate phosphorus nutrition result in healthy plant development.

Buy any fertiliser and it’s one of three main nutrients. You’ll see it referred to as the ‘P’ in the N.P.K – ‘N’ for Nitrogen, ‘P’ for Phosphorus, and ‘K’ for Potassium. For plants and crops with a phosphorus deficiency, there will be visible signs. Plants will be small, with no life, and generally look weak and stunted growth. This is why phosphorus is important for crops.


Stimulate plant growth & improves the quality of crops

While large amounts of phosphorus are essential, macronutrient in excess can affect water quality. It’s also not found by itself in elemental form. In soil, the nutrient will be found as phosphate; a chemical form in which each atom is enclosed by four oxygen atoms. It’s used for plants to grow, and then returned to soils as organic residue decay.

Phosphorus works slowly through the soil, so it’s critical roots that need the nutrient have access to it. Phosphorus accessibility is often limited by the low solubility of the nutrient in the soil. We can help you with this.


Using phosphorus more efficiently and why phosphorus is important for crops

Our Citrus and Grape products both contain phosphorus. Use them in your crops to activate plant hormones for strong roots and plant growth, increases nitrogen fixing, improves crop quality, increases resistance to disease and improves flowering and fruit set. Choose from either 200 or 1,000 litres, depending on your needs.

We create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. Add seaweed fertiliser into the mix if you want to improve the quality of everything you’re growing.


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