Growing crops with fish fertiliser

Nutrient-rich fish fertiliser helps your crops grow faster. You’re probably thinking, surely there’s a less smelly, liquid solution with the same qualities? Well, there’s not.

To achieve healthy crops, you need an organic, slow-release nutrient formula – one which fish emulsions are hard to beat. Fish fertiliser plays an important role in crops by introducing the perfect mix of elements that it’s naturally lacking.

And, let me tell you a secret: not all fish fertilisers are the same. Let’s go through other benefits of using fish on your crops.


The advantages of using fish to fertilise your crops

While some fertilisers release synthetic, unnatural nutrients to crops, it’s not long-lasting. These nutrients are made to be readily available for absorbing, and the benefits are short-lived.

Fish fertilisers, on the other hand, feature nutrients that first must be digested by organisms before made available to the crops. The microbial movement boosts the strength of your crops, simply due to the amount of organic matter in the soil. As a result, you’ll get stronger, faster growing crops.

Not only is apply fish fertiliser good for soil health, but it’s great for plants, too. The powerful source of nitrogen, phosphorous,  potassium and many other trace elements make this solution a super food.

We have two products that are tailored for crop growth – fish fertiliser and fish + seaweed duo. Both are available in liquid form and manufactured in South Australia.

Our fertilisers stimulate root growth, promotes soil health, improves plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and increases earthworm and microbe activity. It’s a natural source of nitrogen, as well as a long list of major and minor trace elements, amino acids and proteins.

Achieve optimum plant health through our unique blend of ingredients, including citrus, vegetables, olives, avocados, tree nuts, berries, seed dressing, and more.

We’ve designed these solutions to be applied to all crops, garden plants, and lawns. If you need help deciding between the two, talk to us.

We create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. If you’re a farmer or a grower looking for a natural fertiliser to add to your program,  talk to us.

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