Earthworms are more than just that slimy animal we use to find, playing in the dirt as kids. Worms are a vital part of our ecosystem. Although tiny in size, their contribution to our planet is significant. The function of earthworms in soil has many benefits.


How do earthworms serve our ecosystem?


Earthworms: The engineers of our ecosystem


Earthworms positively affect our soil structure and diversity. Here are a few ways these species influence our environment.


Reusing organic material: Just like bacteria, earthworms recycle organic material. Every year, they can process up to 20 tonnes of organic matter per hectare.


Boosting nutrients: Earthworms increase the number of nutrients available, by passing organic materials into the soil, unlocking the nutrients found in dead organisms and plant matter. Studies have shown that nitrogen availability increases by five times, compared to undigested soil. Think of earthworms as your soil’s compost bin, creating extra nutrients. They also work to move nutrients down through the soil profile to be closer to plant roots.


Improved soil structure: Function of earthworms  in soil actually improve the structure of the soil by opening up pores. This helps to boost water infiltration and soil aeration which enhances growth.


They become food: Worms are part of the overall food chain. By adding earthworms to your soil, you’re introducing a food source for land snails that could otherwise consume what you’re growing in the soil.


Earthworms are an effective, natural way to improve the function and quality of your soil. Don’t overestimate the role that these tiny creatures play underground.


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