Nitrogen is important for plant growth. Being a component of chlorophyll, it’s vital for photosynthesis. One of the main elements of plants and animal proteins is nitrogen – which encourages fast growth. The concentration of nitrogen is higher, compared to other nutrients. Nitrogen for crops is an essential nutrient for strong healthy growth.


Plants need nitrogen

Plans with chlorophyll, the major component of nitrogen, use energy from the sun to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide, for example, photosynthesis. Another important element of nitrogen is the amino acids, otherwise known as the ‘building blocks of protein’.

Nitrogen is also found in energy-transfer compounds, such as adenosine triphosphate, which enables cells to save and release energy in metabolism. It’s also found in nucleic acids, including DNA. This is the genetic material that encourages cell growth.

Plants without proteins simply won’t live. Think of plant proteins as the bricks in your home. They are the structural units in plant cells, bringing it to life.


Where can you find nitrogen for your crops? 

We have a couple of products with nitrogen in the ingredients. There’s Citrus and Grapes, both premium liquid NPK blends of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and bio-stimulants.

It’s so critical for plant growth, development, and reproduction. And although it’s one of the most accessible nutrients, nitrogen deficiency is one of the most common nutritional issues found in plants. This is largely due to environmental issues.

Add nitrogen to your crops for optimum yields using our Citrus or Grapes products. If you’d like more information on which product to choose, talk to us.

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