Climate Change and the impact on farming is massive

Climate change affects everything. From the land to the animals, all the way through to us humans, it’s the biggest issue we face today. We need to work together to become part of the solution.

A recent study led by Garnaut Review uncovered what we all know – if global development continues without effective mitigation of greenhouse gases, the outcome will be severe.

How climate change will affect our farming practices

Some of the threats to farming that will result include:

  • Declines in crop production due to changes in average rainfall, increase in temperatures and rainfall variability
  • Reduced livestock productivity caused by changes in quantity and quality of available pasture, and temperature increases
  • Less overall productivity as a result of extreme weather events including heatwaves, bushfires and flooding
  • Reduced access to quality water supplies across southern Australia
  • Stock and crops will be exposed to heat-related stress and disease
  • Premature ripening and reduction in grape quality
  • Reduced winter chilling for fruit and nuts
  • Southern migration of some pests and diseases
  • Potential increase in the distribution and abundance of some exotic weeds.

As you can see, farming and agriculture will be majorly impacted by climate change. It could change the whole industry. The rate and extent of warming, along with impacts of heavy rainfall are key determinants.

Act now. Fight against climate change and the impact on farming

The good thing is, climate change is progressive. We have created products to help farmers to deal with changing conditions. Ask us about our Seaweed Duo and Bio 5. They both help crops handle weather stress.   

We create sustainable crop solutions to grow healthy soil for the future. We believe in sustainable farming through nutritious fertilisers. If you’re a farmer and you’re concerned about climate change, talk to us.

Working together to let life, as we know it, live on.